Breaking Myths : Are wireless chargers worthy ??

From the time wireless chargers were introduced there are many misconceptions about wireless charging. This page deals with some hot topics which people have with respect to wireless chargers.  
Wireless Charging mechanism
Wireless as the word speaks "wire -- free" was the concept behind introducing them in market. As technology and science was moving ahead in all fields across globe, introduction of wireless charging hit around 2012 in market.
How it works :
Energy is transferred through inductive coupling. There is a coil on the device and a coil on the charging pad. When those two coils come into the field of each other, the electromagnetic wave of coil in the pad gives off and the coil on the device picks up. They use an alternating current (AC) magnetic field that typically oscillates between 140 - 150 kHz. The fluctuations of the wave produces a small electrical current. Similar to how an electric generator produced electricity by moving magnets across each other's fields. This makes an alternating electric current in a second induction coil (the receiving, or secondary coil) in the portable device. It is then converted to direct current with a rectifier and used to charge a battery or provide operating power.
 wireless charging mechanism
  Wireless chargers are the new trendsetter in digital market. Around 40% of world is switched to wireless charging.
                                        geometric shape wireless charger
Qi enabled devices
Pronounced “chee,” Qi is a Chinese word that means “life energy.” In this case, the word refers to a wireless standard developed and maintained by the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC). It defines energy transferred from one device to another without a physical cable. Devices which have wireless charging function are defined under Qi enabled devices. Today most of the mobile devices have wireless charging feature. Apple,Samsung,Google products are moving in with Qi certification for better reach in future.
Wireless charging slower than normal
As mentioned above the concept of charging is electromagnetic waves. It’s all about power. A 10W wireless charging system can deliver up to 10W of power to the battery of your phone. With cabled charging, the amount of power is dependent on the type and power rating of the adapter in combination with the capabilities of the phone. So its all about your wireless charger watt, its USB cable, adapter to charge and phone capability.
Benefits of wireless charging
  • Safer way to transfer power to your phone.
  • Simple to just drop your phone on the charging
  • Puts less strain on the charging port of your phone.
  • wireless charging for iPhones is the same for Androids. You can use the same charging mat for all your devices.
Wireless chargers overheating issues
Inductive charging is the concept behind wireless chargers. Electromagnetic waves plays the key role. Mobile phone needs to be placed in center part of charging station so that charging is efficient and quick. Thermal management of low quality chargers makes things worse for your phone so it's always recommended to use quality and safer wireless chargers in market.     
Safer to keep it Overnight
Today's phones are smart enough to be left plugged in overnight without damaging the battery. Modern cell phones use either lithium ion or lithium polymer batteries. you can charge or discharge them to any percentage without the battery's overall life span being affected. When your phone is completely charged, it switches to a trickle effect. This means that it'll draw only as much power from its power adapter as it needs to keep its full charge. Your phone still expends energy as long as it's on, even if it's plugged in. Whenever the battery is fully charged, however, it simply stops charging and will suffer no ill effects. 
Wireless chargers too expensive
Either you compromise quality and buy stuff or you get best of quality. This is applicable in case of chargers too. Low quality chargers make your phone battery, performance degrade. They will support Qi charging but it’s a major risk to your phone. There are brands like UNWIRS which have designer premium collection of wireless chargers at affordable rates. They comply with standards and offer a unique collection.
Reusable wireless chargers for android and ios devices
Any mobile device which follows Qi standard will charge on any wireless station. Concept of induction charging takes place irrespective of any mobile platform. There are wireless chargers which support 2 in 1 charging,4 in 1 charging using same station. 
Future of wireless charging
Coming years will see the expansion of the charging ambit to include a variety of other devices, thereby making the technology more accessible and easier to integrate into everyday life. This integration will be supported by the evolution of wireless charging products from being mere accessories to lifestyle products in themselves, thus creating a defined space for the technology.
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